Fast Delivery and Return Policy at Posters de Nos Régions

Fast delivery times throughout France

At Posters de Nos Régions, we understand the impatience that accompanies the wait for a new acquisition. That's why we strive to make your shopping experience as quick and efficient as possible. Opt for our standard delivery, and in just 7 days, your carefully chosen posters will be in your hands. If impatience takes over, our express delivery option guarantees instant satisfaction in 2 to 4 business days, excluding weekends.

Flexibility with Relay Point Delivery

We understand that everyone has their own rhythm of life. This is why we have introduced delivery to relay points. You now have the option to choose a convenient location to collect your package. Delivery to a collection point takes between 4 and 8 days, providing additional flexibility to fit your busy schedule.

Easy Returns for Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our commitment to your satisfaction does not end with delivery. If you receive defective posters due to improper handling during transport, do not hesitate to contact us via the "Contact" section. We are here to help you. We will promptly review the situation and do everything possible to resolve the issue. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

At Posters de Nos Régions, we believe in a transparent and hassle-free shopping experience. Explore our collection, choose your favorite posters and take advantage of our fast delivery service, designed to give you satisfaction and peace of mind. Thank you for trusting Posters de Nos Régions to illuminate your spaces with art inspired by our magnificent French regions.

To reduce its prices, Posters de nos Régions partners with Central Club to send packages.